FAQs: Questions about website maintenance

How often does my website need maintenance?

Once your website has been developed and has “gone live”, the maintenance period begins. Every website needs ongoing review, editing and updating in order to ensure perfect functioning, to attract visitors and to assist with security. Every client differs in computer skills and it is no wonder that some clients are not interested in making changes to their website; others may choose to be able to upload photographs only and others may wish to take total control of the backend. If you need assistance, Whiteduck Design can accomodate your requirements. Some websites undergo frequent changes and the backup requirements vary according to the website. Maintenance can be done on a regular ongoing basis which usually involves a maintenance agreement or can be provided on an on-demand basis.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance covers updating, editing, upgrading and servicing all aspects of the website. These areas of maintenance include uploading images; editing of static page content; full website backup; backup and upgrade of content management system as new versions become available and collection of website statistics.

Why is website maintenance important?

To promote visitors to the website, content needs to be kept up to date and to provide interest. This approach is important for both static and dynamic pages.Upgrading to new versions of content management systems promotes security of the website. Ensuring both internal and external links of the website are functioning properly allows the visitor to navigate the site and to avoid error messages which are a deterant to the interested visitor.