graphic design


Logo graphics are an important part of the marketing of your business. Logo graphics need to represent the person, business or commodity. The design works best if simple and needs to be able to be viewed in large and small formats. It is important that the design works well in black and white as well as colour. Logos can be incorporated into website headers, business cards and banners.

graphics for Himalayan Dental
graphics for Tea Tree Traders Codrington
graphics for artist Steven Giese
organic farming logo

Business cards and Banners

Business card graphics can incorporate the business logo as an identifier. Either one or both sides of the card can be used, depending on the desired design preference. Signatures for emails can reflect the business logo, contact details and mission statement in a similar fashion. Banner design needs to allow for required size such as large banners for conferences and meetings.

the bright scribe
Angela Bettess

TV slides

Purpose-built waiting room slides can promote the services of a business. Slides should  be informative and provide important messages in a simplified format. In the waiting room environment, there is a captive audience with limited time available, so be precise with wording.

flu slide
chest pain
muddy boots